All you need to know about Dementia

All you need to know about Dementia

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As per the World Health Organization (WHO) report, Dementia remains one of the most common cause of disability among the older people throughout the world. As per the WHO report (21 September 2020) there are approximately 50 million people suffering from dementia worldwide and this number is expected to be increased by 10 million each year.

Reasons of Dementia Problems

The problem of dementia is progressive in nature which mean its effect keeps on increasing with the passage of time. Another issue of dementia is that it effects different people differently depending upon the part of the brain cells getting damaged. This often results to change in personality of an individual, apart from the commonly associated problem with dementia such as Memory loss, Lack of problem-solving skills, Disorientation, Poor judgement etc.

Because of Dementia’s enervative effect, individual with Dementia often needs supervised care to complete their day-to-day chores. 
Caring for person who is suffering from Dementia can be a challenging task for you if you fail to recognize the disease signs, or the emotional, mental and physical challenges that the person with dementia face on a daily basis.

What are the warning signs of Dementia?

Like any other disease, Dementia also comes up with warning signs which very often people ignore. Although there exists no silver bullet to treat Dementia completely in older people, but with proper medication and support system the progression could be slowed down. Few of the warning signs of Dementia are as follows:

  •     Memory loss that disrupts daily life and day to day activities
  •     Confusion in identifying place or time
  •    Difficulty in finishing tasks which are familiar at home or at work
  •    Decreased or poor judgement
  •    Changes in mood and personality
  •    Misplacing things and losing the ability to retrace steps
  •    Trouble understanding visual images

How to give Dementia home care?

It can be a challenge to care for people with dementia, until and unless you as a caregiver do not realize their emotional, mental and physical challenges they are facing.
Few of the golden rule which you should remember while caring for Dementia patients are as follows:

1>    Never say No
2>    Do not argue
3>    Never ask leading questions
4>    Maintain Independences

How to take care of eating habit for people with Dementia? 

People suffering from Dementia often finds it difficult to perform their basic day-to-day chores such as eating, bathing, communicating etc. To ensure their well-being it is important to give them the support they deserve. Here are few of the important steps that you might take related to their eating habits.

  •     Ensure that you provide a well- balanced diet
  •     Break down food into smaller pieces
  •     Encourage soft and liquid diet
  •     Ensure that the person has eaten food
  •     Provide diet supplements like calcium and vitamins

Taking care of Communication for people with Dementia

  •     Use simple sentences with simple words
  •     Don’t ask leading questions
  •     Don’t argue with the person
  •     Use gestures, such as demonstrating the action to be done
  •     Give the person time to understand your statement before continuing with your next sentence
  •     Speak slowly and clearly

Taking care of Travelling for people with Dementia

  •     Make sure that the person carries the identity care with name, address and telephone number
  •     Install bells and buzzers that points out when your external doors are opened
  •     Always accompany them

Taking care of Bathing for people with Dementia

  •     Encourage the importance of hygiene and avoid dependency on the caregiver
  •     Keep bathroom clean and dry
  •     Check the temperature of water before bath
  •     Provide bath stool and handrailing inside the bathroom
  •     Try not to leave the patient alone

Taking care of Dressing for people with Dementia

  •     Provide appropriately sized loose clothes
  •     Avoid zippers and complicated buttons in clothing
  •     Assist with wearing and removing clothes if required
  •     Reduce the choices of clothing

How healthcare professionals can be of help in taking care of people with Dementia?

Health care professionals such as health care professionals from Nurses and Caregivers can be of immense help in taking care of people with Dementia as they have required skills and experience and can go a long way in improving a patient’s day-to-day life. 

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